How do I get to Placencia?

From your international flight to Belize, you have two options to get to Placencia.  One is with Tropic Air, who has at least 8 flights a day from Belize City to Placencia.  Connections are easy and very efficient.

You can also either rent a car or arrange a van service to drive the 3.5 hours from Belize City to Placencia.  This is a beautiful way to see a lot of the country.

What is the exchange rate?  Are there ATM’s available?  Can I use credit cards?

The exchange rate is 2 Belize Dollars to 1 US Dollar.  There are ATM’s available in the village (approximately 20 minutes south of the Belize Ocean Club).  Major credit cards are accepted at most establishments but it is always good arrive in the country with some US cash.  US cash dollars are accepted and you will get Belize dollars with your change.

What is located on the Peninsula?

The main event will be held at the Belize Ocean Club Adventure Resort which is located half way down the peninsula.  You can take advantage of their gorgeous pool and beach while listening to our musical guests.  And make sure you get down to the village to check out the village with shops and restaurants and bars.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR MANY SPONSORS WHILE YOU ARE HERE!

I would like to do other things in Belize before and after the music days.  How can I arrange this?

There are lots of options – diving and snorkel excursions or visit a Mayan temple or explore the jungle.  This can be arranged through the hotel where you are staying.  We suggest you come early or stay later.  Then you can explore more of Belize around the dates of the Parrothead Beach Bash – Belize!

If I am staying at a different location than the Belize Ocean Club, can I still attend the event?

Of course.  You are able to register for the event through this web site.  If you would like to see other choices to stay in Placencia please email us at parrotheadbeachbashbelize@gmail.com